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Samurai Sudoku

February 2008 Samurai Sudoku packs now available for purchase and despatch.
Each month we are publishing a seven packs of 25 printable puzzles each - one for each grade and the new 'ultimate' challenge puzzles - the hardest in the world. Great value at 3.99.

Available for Print Media: Now


The Samurai Sudoku extends into a star shape of five overlapping sudoku. Optional colour not only provides clarity, but also adds immeasurably to the impact of the printed puzzle.

We can provide these in five grades: Kids, Gentle, Moderate, Tough and Diabolical. Each Jigsaw Sudoku is graded separately and, only when the grades are matched, are they combined into the Samurai.

Example 1 (Gentle) Solution 1 (Gentle)
Example 2 (Moderate) Solution 2 (Moderate)
Example 3 (Tough) Solution 3 (Tough)
Example 4 (Diabolical) Solution 4 (Diabolical)