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Killer Sudoku

February 2008 Killer Sudoku packs now available for purchase and despatch.
Each month we are publishing a seven packs of 50 printable puzzles each - one for each grade and the new 'ultimate' challenge puzzles - the hardest in the world. Great value at 3.49.

Available for Print Media: Now


Killer Sudoku is a fiendish variant of Sudoku - the same 9 x 9 board with rows, columns and nine boxes that must be filled in with all the numbers 1 to 9. But instead of seeing some starter clues where some cells are completed for you, in killer sudoku areas of the grid are "caged". Each cage contains a single number which is the sum of all the solutions in that shape. You have to use this information to crack the Sudoku, but all the normal strategies of Sudoku still apply.

Anyone who has tried Kakuro will see a connection. A cage of two cells containing a target of 3 will must contain cells with the value 1 and 2. (We conform to the Killer convention that no shape will contain a duplicate number even if it is within the rules of sudoku).

Grid Sizes

Our Killer boards are 9 x 9, but we can also produce 16 x 16 versions for the ultimate challenge. Killer sudoku can also be compiled in a Samuri shape (five boards connected in an 'X' shape).


We publish a Daily Killer Sudoku at To view examples and the current 30 archive, click on these:

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