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Jigsaw Sudoku

February 2008 Jigsaw Sudoku packs now available for purchase and despatch. Each month we are publishing a six packs of 50 printable puzzles each - one for each grade including the new 'ultimate' challenge puzzles - the hardest in the world. Great value at 3.49.

Available for Print Media: Now
Available as on-line Single Player: Now - [Order here]


This puzzle is exactly the same as a normal Sudoku - fill in the rows and columns and boxes with 1 to 9 without the same number appearing in any row, column or box. BUT, in a Jigsaw, the boxes are rather strange shapes. You can still use the same strategies and perhaps invent some new ones.


We publish a Daily Jigsaw Sudoku at To view examples and the current 30 archive, click on these:

30 Day Jigsaw Archive
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Gen Gen Gen Mod Mod Tou Diab
22/10 23/10 24/10 25/10 26/10 27/10 28/10
29/10 30/10 31/10 1/11 2/11 3/11 4/11
5/11 6/11 7/11 8/11 9/11 10/11 11/11
12/11 13/11 14/11 15/11 16/11 17/11 18/11
19/11 20/11 21/11 22/11      
30 Day Jigsaw Solution Archive
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Gen Gen Gen Mod Mod Tou Diab
On-line Single-Player Jigsaw Sudoku

A popular variant of the Sudoku Player is the Jigsaw Sudoku Player.

The player is easy to install. All that's required is to drop a one line HTML tag into a blank page. You can customise the header, margins and footer to fit it exactly to your style.

Each day a new Jigsaw Sudoku will be delivered to the page automatically using our unique RSS subscription service.

This is the exact space the player occupies (610 x 480)