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New for September 2007. We are very proud to announce the release of our new Sudoku X Puzzle Pack. All our packs are specially designed for puzzle solvers looking for challenges with sudoku, jigsaw, killer and samurai puzzles. Each month we will be creating packs of 50 puzzles (25 for the Samurai) at each grade - and a mixed pack. Take a look.

Note: These are not for trade re-publication. We will be very glad to quote for content for newspapers and magazines.

Welcome to our web pages for puzzle buyers. Until now it has not been an easy task to source puzzles for publication or for use on the web. Here you have a one-stop shop, where you can order all the hot puzzles from Japan like sudoku and kakuro and most of the old favourites, such as crosswords, wordsearches and codewords.

Quality and reliability are our bywords. We know all about deadlines - We have been supplying puzzles to the world's leading daily newspapers for more than 25 years.

You want puzzles that can be relied on - the last thing you need is complaints from readers. If we say it has a unique solution, or that a puzzle can be solved with logic alone, then you can rely on our guarantee. We deliver electronically: you can pick up your puzzles at our FTP server or we can email them to your mailbox. If you have a website that requires a regular feed of puzzles, then our RSS service will do the job, day in day out. The following pages have examples of many of our puzzles and games, but if you cannot see what you need don't hesitate to ask: our portfolio includes many that are not illustrated here.

Just check out some of the blue-chip organisations, newspapers, magazines and book publishers that we supply puzzles to for publication and on the web:

The Daily Telegraph (UK) The Los Angeles Times Time Inc Home Entertainment
LIFE Magazine Penguin Books Macmillan Publishers
Chicago Tribune The Age (Australia) Financial Times (UK)
Handelsblatt (Germany) Imagination Entertainment Qantas

* If you are buying for a newspaper, please note that Mepham Group Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles are syndicated throughout the world by Tribune Media Services and that your enquiry will be passed to TMS for processing.