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MM Multimedia About Us

MM Multimedia

MM Multi-media is puzzle creation company providing content for media outlets around the world. Our Crosswords, Sudokus and new puzzles can be found in many newspapers and web sites. Now with our new quotation and ordering system it can't be easier to find puzzles for publication. And from 2006 we are now providing exciting web based puzzle programs such as on-line players and RSS feeds.

What we offer to publishers and web site owners is not just the very best creative content, but something beyond value: a safe pair of hands. We know that you want not only the best quality, but also a service that you can depend on. That's why our national daily newspaper customers know that they can rely on the Mepham Group to produce their regular features to their deadlines.

Michael Mepham

Michael has been at the forefront of crossword puzzles for over 25 years. In 2005 he broke new ground by introducing Sudoku to newspapers in America after great success in the UK with numerous books in the top 10.